Hi, meet NuGene

NuGene is hotify’s Cognitive Intelligence Platform that can become Your Enterprise AI Cloud and deliver enterprise wide cross functional AI Applications. NuGene helps you build Faster, Reliable, Robust and Secure AI Application while saving you Time and Money

Hi, meet NuGene

Cognitive Intelligence

When human mind observes series of Cause-Effect between things we perceive, it learns and store these Causal Relationships. We refer to same as Knowledge. When our Knowledge of present intersects with Knowledge of Past, we learn future actions we must take to meet our objectives. NuGene mimics Human Cognition as it learn causal relationship from data and deliver Actionable Intelligence about future, helping you achieve following:

Discovery Risks and Strategies to Mitigate

Predict and Forecast Future Possibilities

Suggest Actions to be taken in Future

Continuously learn and gain more Knowledge

Support Intelligence Decision Making

Cognitive Intelligence
Nugene Solution capabilities

Use Cases of NuGene

NuGene’s Cognitive Intelligence can be used for variety of enterprise AI Solutions. NuGene is an Horizontal AI Platform and it can power variety of use cases across functions.

Enterprise Risk Management

NuGene can continuously monitor your real time data and find early signs of Anomalies that presents unknown changes in data and pose potential risk in future KPIs. NuGene can also find causes for such anomalies and mitigation strategies

Knowledge Discovery

NuGene can read through your PDFs, Text, Webpages and extract knowledge from these documents. This Knowledge can power Q&A based enterprise knowledge discovery, automate support and function as a backend to chatbots

Demand Forecasting

NuGene can use your real time data and data from external sources like markets, socio-economic data, weather & traffic data etc to forecast future KPIs. NuGene can also specify key variables that are impacting your KPIs with impact magnitude.

Process Automation

NuGene can be used for enterprise process automation and as Intelligence for Robotics Process Automation Bots. Nugene is capable of product real time actionable intelligence that plugs itself into a process and can trigger forward action.

Customer Intelligence

NuGene can take your customer data and produce real time nano-segments from same to empower timely targeting of information to these customers. Nugene can also analyse changes in customer behaviour and predict future potential intent that can be used to create enhanced experience.

Predictive Maintenance

NuGene can consume sensor data from various sensors of a machine and produce intelligence about Machines health, process accuracy, consumable requirements, service requirements, etc. NuGene is capable of empirical modelling of Machine Dynamics from Input and Output Data

Artificial General Narrow Intelligence

NuGene – Your Enterprise AI Platform

NuGene is a General Narrow Intelligence Platform which can be used to build Cross Domain, Cross Functional AI Application. NuGene can become your Enterprise wide Central AI Cloud and can power all AI Applications giving you across functions enterprise wide intelligence

unique proposition

Unique Features of NuGene

NuGene is designed keeping in mind Enterprise AI Needs and after series of interactions with Key stakeholders from large Enterprises across sectors in global markets. Hence NuGene has in it the best you expect from an Enterprise AI Platform and more.

Integrated & Reusable

NuGene is single, central integrated platform for enterprise wide intelligence. It helps you leverage intelligence across functions and provides a standardised common architecture to your Enterprise wide AI Needs. Hence if you have NuGene you do not need to re-invent common AI tools and instead use standardised components.

Secure & Cloud Friendly

NuGene’s transforms your enterprise data using its proprietary uncrackable transformations into Non-Human Readable, Machine Readable Data.It further encrypts them with AES256 grade security. This can help you creatively leverage all AI Resources like Cloud GPUs, Distributed teams, Startups, etc. without worrying about data security.

Fast, Easy & Automated

NuGene has capability to automatically discovery 1000s of solution approach for a given objective and data. NuGene cuts down Solution discovery time by over 75% and gives nearly 100% coverage across all algorithms, techniques and solution approach. NuGene can be used to benchmark solutions approaches and decide on best results.

Transparent, Robust & Auditable

with NuGene AI solutions are no more a blackbox. NuGene provides transparent view into detailed logic of AI Models, also tracks their evolutions and all data associated over time. NuGene can provide detailed audit reports supporting its Intelligence, can make you trust your AI Models and auto correct them with laser sharp precision.

Benchmarking & Auto Tuning

NuGene for every given data and objectives, executes multiple parallel solutions approach and compares their results with each other. NuGene has all commonly available solutions and many unique approach for you too benchmark results. All solutions from NuGene are tuned automatically for best accuracy on given data.

Self Learning & Self Healing

NuGene works on Real Time Intelligence, hence with data continuously ticking inside NuGene it constantly produces intelligence as desired. NuGene also learn automatically from implicit feedback hidden in future data and self corrects itself if explicit feedback is provided. One NuGene is on, it constantly works to provide you better, faster intelligence in real time.

Team Hotify

Together we make it Happen

hotify Team comes with years of experience across various domains with deep expertise in AI, Technology, and variety of Domains and Function. Hotify also have a strong Advisory board that are actively involved in company’s growth and navigating us towards future.

Ankur Garg
Ankur Garg Founder, President & CEO

K Ramesh Kumar
K Ramesh Kumar Co-Founder & Chief of Revenue

Preethi Narayanan
Preethi Narayanan Co-Founder & President AI Solutions

Chinmay Joshi
Chinmay Joshi Co-Founder & VP Products (Centre Head India)

Ramkumar Narayanan
Ramkumar Narayanan Advisor

VR Satish
VR Satish Advisor

Viresh Dayal
Viresh Dayal Advisor

Dr. Naresh Sharma
Dr. Naresh Sharma Advisor

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