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Artificial Intelligence in

We help you get better ROI, Efficiency and Predictability
by application of Artificial Intelligence

We help you get better ROI, Efficiency and Predictability
by application of Artificial Intelligence

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What we do

Data -> Intelligence -> Automation

Hotify combines real-time data with business, domain, and customer knowledge to help you build intelligent & automated enterprise 4.0 Systems that deliver personalized solutions to your enterprise customers.


Real Time Data

Hotify uses real time data processing technique to ingest continuously ticking large data from various sources like websites, mobile apps, IoT devices, sensors, Enterprise Logs, etc. These Real Time Data sets are analysed in motion to extract knowledge, and product intelligence.

Domain, Business & Customer Knowledge

Hotify layers Knowledge about Domain, Enterprise and end user, over its unsupervised Intelligence modules. A combination of same delivers contextually relevant Intelligence, specifically personalised for respective Domain, Enterprise or its users. Hotify’s unique Hypergraph technology enables domain experts to create knowledge in machine understandable format.



Unsupervised Intelligence

Riding on the wave of the next frontier in Artificial Intelligence, Hotify leverages its expertise in building algorithms that use un-labelled or Machine Labelled datasets, in order to provide unsupervised intelligence. Hotify strongly recommend unsupervised first approach (or AI First Approach) in which data is first analysed and understood by machine, subsequently domain and other knowledge can be used to make use of such unsupervised intelligence.

Automation & Continuous Learning

Hotify’s products and services facilitate enterprises to ensure AI delivers Automation and is capable of learning constantly, just like humans. Any AI solution that Hotify delivers ensure integration of Intelligences with Actions that can be performed automatically or Human Augmented. Hotify’s continuous learning framework ensure machine grow “knowledgable” with every feedback it received on action performed, hence evolves its intelligence for next action.

Hotify AI Solutions

Your AI Innovation Partner

Hotify’s Team of AI Experts and Domain Experts are committed to fuel your Business Innovation by application of Artificial Intelligence for your enterprise

AI Innovation Partnership

Make Hotify a partner in your AI Innovation by augmenting your AI R&D initiatives with Hotify’s expertise.

AI Co-Innovation Lab

Lead your future by creating a joint Hotify-Enterprise AI R&D Lab specifically focused towards Application of AI in your domain for your enterprise and its users.

Vertical AI Solutions

Our domain expertise enables us to go after certain domains and build AI Solutions around the same. We are presently busy building vertical solutions for Consumer Marketing, BFSI and Manufacturing Domain.

AI Consulting & Advisory

Get started with seeking answers on How can AI help you? What can your enterprise do in AI? how,where can AI help? etc. Our AI and Solution experts are always available to answer your queries and help you build your first few AI Use Cases, end to end.

AI Strategy

Take the very first Step towards AI by asking us to deliver AI strategy specifically for your enterprise. Present an internal case of future AI adoption, and get answers about when, how, what to do.

AI as a Service

Hotify is happy to invest in and develop Intelligent AI components for you and let you use the same on Pay as you Go basis. Keeping your cost of AI adoption low and aligning strict ROI metrics between AI and your Enterprise Objectives.

Thinking of Business Innovation? Setup AI Co-Innovation Lab with Hotify

Platform as a Service

Hotify Cloud Intelligence Platform

An unsupervised & automated AI Platform for rapid development of AI Solutions by Startups, Developers, Product and Solution Companies and Enterprise Technology Team

Automated Time Series Intelligence

Fully Automated Insights from your Time Series Data, automated Algorithms selection, parameter selection, Benchmarking and Continuous learning. All you need is just ingest “Data”.

Context Manager

Build centralised context of your users, machines, devices and business. Get preemptive nudges about future behaviour and intents. Leverage contextual knowledge from your alliance network. All in real time.

Knowledge Extraction & Representation

Automatically extract knowledge from PDF, Docs, Websites, Data and your Knowledge Experts. Provide more knowledge to machines about your domain, enterprise, process or user behaviour in machine understandable format.

Knowledge based Q&A Engine

Ask questions from Machines. Power machine led questioning for assessment and scoring, let machines ask relevant questions, find answers in your data and alert you based on answers both automatically and Real Time.

Automated Intelligence

Combine real time data in motion with knowledge to constantly produce intelligence in real time, fully automated. Automate your actions based on this real time ticking intelligence.

Who we are

Hotify’s A-Team

Handpicked individuals with deep interest in Artificial Intelligence, years of experience in building products and enterprise solutions, domain expertise and commitment to your business success.
We make AI work for enterprises

Ankur Garg
Ankur Garg Founder & CEO

12+ Yrs in Technology, Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, Banking, eCommerce and Retail B.Tech/ M.Tech IIT Bombay

K Ramesh Kumar
K Ramesh Kumar Co-Founder & COO

20+ Yrs Tech. Global Technology Product Delivery across distributed teams MS Southern Illinois University

Preethi Narayanan
Preethi Narayanan President, AI Solutions

25+ Yrs in Global Technical Product architecture and solutions across multiple domains with distributed teams PMP, MBA-Sikkim Manipal University

Evan Marcus
Evan Marcus VP Enterprise AI Enablement, USA

20 years industry experience working in Sun Microsystems, VMware, Veritas Software. Best-selling author. Computer & Information Science graduate, with MBA from Rutgers Univ.

Hotify Advisors, Investors and Board Members

Extended Team

Here are some of the best minds in world, using their years of experience to guide hotify towards leadership in AI

Dr. Naresh Sharma
Dr. Naresh Sharma CEO, NASHERO

Ram Narayanan
Ram Narayanan Product Innovation Advisor

VR Satish
VR Satish CTO, Stealth Mode Startup

KL Narshiman
KL Narshiman Industry Academia Expert

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